ENVITECH (Environental Technology) LTD and the NGO Institute of Environmental Technology and Sustainable Development was established in 2001 in order to offer high quality services in designing and applying environmental systems for environmental protection and also to apply different quality systems in all kinds of Organization and Industries. Our cooperation does include significant Universities as well as Research Centers from Europe and around the world. Furthermore, our cooperation includes all type of Organizations and Enterprises from primary secondary and thirdly economically activity as well as Competent Authorities. 

The researchers and the Scientific Co-operators of EnviTech as well as IEST have participated in more than 70 research programs, the last 15 years, (most of them EU funded). Our main objective is that acts as a general consulting firm offering customized services to public sector and commercial clients with focus, but not limited on, EU funding sources and programmes; a 2nd objective relates to International Projects and Partnerships, which act as a focal point of a network of national & international, authorities, companies and experts where the strategic target is to utilize the funding opportunities in Cyprus and the countries close to Cyprus.

Through its strategic alliance with a number of national and international companies and collaboration with more than  50 independent consultants located in the EU and other countries, ENVITECH and IEST provides a number of services including project design and implementation, proposal preparation for research funding, environmental consulting, development of Strategic Plans and sustainable Development,  environmental education & public awareness campaigns.

The experience of the company in the management of EU projects is proven through the participation in several Research like FP7, Horizon, Interreg, Twining, LIFE, National and Industrial projects etc.

The operation of ENVITECH and the management of the projects that undertakes are based on a contemporary Project Management system and on a Quality Assurance system according to certified ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 14001:2015 (both certified from TUV Austria) ensuring the highest quality and environmental standards. The company’s business policy is oriented towards quality of operations and protection of the environment.